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The thrill of the hunt.  The glory of competition.  The joy of learning new things with friends. Archery encompasses many walks of life and offers something for everyone to learn.  Whether its to bow hunt for turkey or compete in national competitions, archery skills can lead to endless possibilities. The bow has shaped civilizations and is one of mans earliest tools for enjoyment, hunting and warfare.
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Fall Classes



Stormin' Arrows Archery focuses on teaching youth all aspects of archery needed for recreational and competitive target shooting and bow hunting.

The season will consist of six 3-hour instructional sessions. Topics include:​

  • Stormin' Arrows Philosophy

  • Safety and Range Rules

  • Equipment(Bows, Arrows, Protective gear, etc)

  • Basic and Intermediate Shooting Skills

  • Hunting(Ethics, Behavior, Tree Stands, Tracking, etc)

  • Tournaments and Competition

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Amer Oweis

Program Director 
Avid IBO Certified Bowhunter
USA Archery Certified Instructor

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